Would you like to create a new show for television?

TV plays a very important part in our life. It’s the main source of information and a cheap form of entertainment for millions of people. It’s the window on the world which gives us an opportunity to “travel” all over the world “to meet different people and learn about their customs and traditions”.

There’s a great variety of programmes on TV: news and sports programmes, documentaries and feature films, theatre performances, soap operas, and weather forecasts. There are also various shows: talk shows, chat shows, game shows, quiz shows, reality shows, and talent shows.

I’d like to create a new show for television. The type of my programme is a Game Show.

The name of my programme is “Do You Know English?”. There are 4 contestants in the game. They compete for a super prize, a trip to London.

Contestants have to go through four stages to win. Each stage has 5 questions. The contestant, who gives the correct answers to the questions passes to a “Super Game”. In a “Super Game” the winner competes for a trip to London.


The host of the show is a person who speaks English fluently and knows lots of interesting facts about the culture of English-speaking countries. Moreover he or she should be a bright personality.

My show encouradges students to learn English. It helps to enrich the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and to learn new information about the English language. It is really a very useful and interesting educational quiz programme, which gives lots of additional information on country studying.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning English.