Have You Ever Heard about the Globe?

The Globe Theatre is, perhaps, the most famous theatre in the world.

Most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the Globe Theatre, built on the bank of the River Thames.

Shakespeare’s Globe was rather different from modern theatres. The plays were performed in the open air and the audience stood around the stage in the Globe Theatre. The audience got wet if it rained. There were no scenery, very few props, and the only lighting was the daylight that came from the open roof above. Women in those days weren’t allowed to act in public and all the parts (even Juliet!) were played by men.

The motto of the Globe was “Totus mundus agit histrionem”, which means “The whole world is a playhouse”. Shakespeare reworded it for the play As You Like It into “All the world is a stage”.

The audiences were noisy in Shakespeare’s time, they moved around talking with each other, and they threw rotten fruit at the bad actors.

The Globe Theatre burnt down over 400 years ago.

The Globe Theatre, a copy of the original one, was opened in London in 1997.

It is a wooden building and most of the audience stand in the open air to watch the plays.

The Globe Theatre is a famous theatre where only Shakespeare’s plays are staged.