Write a paragraph about travelling

People are fond of traveling. They travel for pleasure and on business, to see the beauty of the world and for study.

People like to travel with friends, parents and grandparents.

They can travel on foot, by train, boat, ship, car, bus, motorbike, bicycle and scooter.

People pack their luggage into bags, suitcases and rucksacks.

When they travel they like to go shopping, meet new people, make new friends, go sightseeing and learn traditions and customs.  They can go to different parts of thenative country and abroad. People visit cathedrals, museums, theatres, cinemas. They see places full of wonders. People enjoy nature. They learn more about traditions. People broaden their mind when they travel.

Traveling is exciting, useful, enjoyable, good for health. But sometimes it can be tiring and expensive, dangerous and troublesome.