Have you ever travelled by train? Did you enjoy your trip?

Last year my class and I travelled by train to Lviv.

Our teacher booked the tickets in advance.

On the eve of our departure we packed our luggage.

When the day of our departure came we went to the railway station by bus. We waited for our train in a departure hall. When the loudspeaker announced that our train was in we went to our platform. The carriage and compartments where appointed in our tickets and we found them easily.

I wanted to sleep on the lower berth but unfortunately I had an upper berth. We put our luggage into a special box under the lower berth.

Finally the train started off. Our trip by train was enjoyable. We could read, drink tea, talk, eat our food and have fun.

Our train arrived at the railway station on time.


I enjoyed our trip but it was tiring a little.