I think travelling by plane is very exciting.

I travelled by plane four times.

I’ d like to tell you about my travelling to Montenegro. It was my first fight. I travelled with my family. We got to the airport by car. When we arrived there we put our luggage on a cart and went into the airport.

The airport was very busy. There were too many people there. We went to the check-in desk. We showed our passport and tickets to the customs officer, checked-in our luggage and received our boarding passes.


I was lucky because my seat was by the window and I could take photos with my dad’s Iphone. I enjoyed the food and tea on board the plane. The airhostess was friendly and polite.

It was so exciting when the plane took off and landed. I didn’t get airsick.

It took us two hours  to get to the airport in Podgorica.


Our traveling by plane was fantastic.