My dear friends Greg Reynolds and Becky Scweitzer told about Easter

celebration in the Christian Alliance Church in the City of Cle Elum, WA.

I’m sure it will be interesting for you to know about their Easter traditions.

Easter is the best holiday of the year. New Life. Eternal Life. Life in Jesus. Abundant Life. Hope. Forgiveness of Sin. Joy.

Easter begins in our town with a sunrise service. To be honest, it isn`t at sunrise, but it`s early, about 7.00 a.m. This special service is held at our church, and all the churches in the community are invited.

It is a special blessing on this day to meet together with people of different denominations and celebrate with singing and a special sermon. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a day to not focus on differences, but our common belief that Jesus paid for our sins by dying on the cross, and that He rose from the dead, giving us eternal life.

    He is risen! – He is risen, indeed!

After that special service, there is usually a time for people to visit and eat a treat of special fruit and baked treats.

Our regular Easter morning service is at 10.00 a.m. There is lots of singing, and another sermon on resurrection. Many people come to church on Easter that do not normally come to church, and we try to make them feel very welcome. People usually dress very casual at our church, but on Easter most people wear their finest clothes. Mothers love to dress up their children, especially little girls with new dresses and Easter bonnets.

Many  restaurants offer special meals on Easter, and it is common for many people to enjoy one of these special meals.

Easter lilies are the most common flowers seen around Easter. People often give them to other people as gifts.

rabbit-eggsLittle children like to hunt for Easter eggs. Eggs are hard-boiled and then decorated with many colors. Eggs maybe of chocolate. The eggs are hidden outside and the children must find them. The legend is that the Easter bunny hides the eggs. It is lots of fun.