22 April is Earth Day. Taking care of the Earth is everybody’s business. What green activities would you like to take part in?

I’d like to take part in such green activities as the collection of waste paper and I’d like to listen to the report about wild flowers.

I think it’s important to collect old newspapers, magazines, books and recycle them. We shouldn’t waste paper.

I’d like to listen to the report about wild flowers because I’m interested in forest wildlife. I know that many wild flowers are in Red Book, such us snowdrops and crocuses. We shouldn’t touch wild flowers and we should save them for the next generations. Wild flowers are so amazing and awesome. We may stop cutting down trees because they are important natural resources. They produce us oxygen. Humans and animals need oxygen to breathe. What is more there are thousands different kinds of animals and birds in the forests.

I won’t take part in building a bird table because I simply can’t do it. To my mind, boys can cope with this task better. But I think it’s very important to feed birds in winter.

I strongly support the idea to make the world a better place.