Form 5  Discover the UK.

Read and speak about the United Kingdom.


  1. The full name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  2. The United Kingdom is situated on the British Isles to the north-west of Europe.
  3. There are four countries in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  4. The capital of England and of the UK is London.
  5. It stands on the River Thames.
  6. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland.
  7. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.
  8. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.
  9. The flag of the United Kingdom has a name.
  10. It’s called Union Jack because it unites flags of the parts of the UK.
  11. Union Jack is made up of three crosses: the Cross of St. George (England), the Cross of St. Andrew (Scotland) and the Cross of St. Patrick (Ireland).
  12. The British flag is blue, red and white.
  13. The head of the United Kingdom is Queen Elisabeth II.
  14. People of the UK keep their traditions.
  15. Each country of the United Kingdom has its symbol.
  16. The symbol of England is a red rose.
  17. The symbol of Wales is a daffodil.
  18. The symbol of Scotland is a thistle.
  19. The symbol of Northern Ireland is a shamrock and a red hand.
  20. The official language of Great Britain is English.
  21. British money is called pounds and their coins are pence.

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