Fly High 3   Sally’s Story Our Beautiful World

We must look after our beautiful world. Revise the vocabulary and speak about the beauty of nature on our planet Earth.

Fly High 3 Our Beautiful World Vocabulary

must – повинен
We must go to school.

litter – сміття
You mustn’t throw litter!

nature – природа
Nature is beautiful.

hold (held, held) – тримати
Hold my hands. What are you holding in your hands?

make a wish – загадувати бажання
You must make a wish.

all around the world – навколо всього світу
We’ll go all around the world.

desert – пустеля
It is very hot in the desert.

camel – верблюд
You can see camels in the desert.

jungle – джунглі
Lots of animals and birds live in the jungle.

parrot – папуга
Parrots are beautiful birds.

amazing – дивовижний
Our world ia amazing!

fantastic – фантастичний
Our trip to Egypt was fantastic!

ocean – океан
There are four oceans on our planet.

mountain – гора
He likes climbing mountains. They spend their holiday in the mountains.

snow – сніг
There is lots of snow in winter.

incredible – неймовірний
Mountains in snow are incredible.

look after – доглядати за, піклуватися про
We must look after our beautiful world.

Fly High 3 Our Beautiful World Have practice!