Three months ago my classmates and I visited Lviv. This old city is situated in the western part of Ukaine. We went there by train. We were really excited! I loved the trip very much.


We were in Lviv three days. The weather was fine, but the first day it was raining. We have our umbrellas and it wasn’t a problem for us. We wanted to stay in a hotel but our teacher said that it had been too expensive for us. So we stayed in a boarding school.

We visited some museums and cathedrals. We were at the stadium Lviv Arena. I took some photos. And we did some shopping in a big supermarket “Ashan”.

We ate in a restaurant. Some food was delicious but some was really yucky.

We were at the cinema and saw an interesting cartoon “Trolls”. It was amazing.

I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family and friends.

It was a fascinating trip!