Kaniv-coat-of-armsI live in a town. The name of the town where I live is Kaniv. Our town is not very big. More than twenty-four thousand people live here. It is in the central part of Ukraine.

Our town is old, green and beautiful. It is more than 900 years old.

Kaniv stands on the Dnipro River, the biggest river in Ukraine. There is a hydroelectric power station on the River Dnipro. My father works on it.

In the centre of the town there are a lot of shops and some bus stops. There is a cinema where people watch films and concerts. There are a lot of shops, a department store, several chemist’s and a town hall. There is a market, a bus station, two supermarkets and lots of shops not far from the centre.

There is Gaidar Library- Museum and Uspensky Cathedral in Soborna square.


There are a lot of nice houses in Kaniv.

There are six schools in Kaniv. I study at school #1.

There are a lot of trees along the streets so they look so lovely especially in spring and in summer.

There are six museums in my town. One of the most famous is Shevchenko Museum. It is on Tarasova Hill. There are a lot of beautiful paintings in the museum.  Lots of tourists from all over Ukraine visit Tarasova Hill and Shevchenko Museum every day.

There aren’t any train stations, swimming pools and modern sports centres in Kaniv. And there aren’t any traffic lights because  the traffic in Kaniv is not heavy.

I love my native town.