Will you please write about your dream school?    


My dream school is near the river beach. There are lots of trees, a fountain and a big zoo. Students can feed and play with the animals. Students can enjoy swimming in the river at their PE classes.


The school is in a big and modern building and it’s very colorful. It has got big windows. There is also a really good gym, a football field, several tennis courts, a big playground for junior students and a big swimming pool.


Every classroom has the latest technology, such as interactive white boards, enormous TV sets and projectors. Every student has got a laptop and can surf the Internet. Students can meet teachers and friends in some virtual places and use virtual reality to communication.


The canteen is fantastic. It’s McDonald’s. You can eat what you want and the food is very healthy, for example, salads, healthy burgers and organic chips.


The teachers are friendly, fair, not too strict, competent and understanding. There is no bullying. Students get on well with each other.


Each day starts at 10.30. The classes are 30 minutes long. Students can choose subjects to study. There are no bad marks. The classes are never boring. There are a lot of trips around Ukraine and abroad. Excellent students can study abroad for two or three months.

Your school is great.

But don’t you think that to start classes at 10.30 is too late?