I like travelling. I can travel by different means of transport. There are advantages and disadvantages of each way of travelling.


Travelling by plane is the fastest way of traveling. It is comfortable but the tickets are too expensive.

Travelling by train is fast and the carriages are comfortable. You can see a lot of interesting things from carriage windows but there are too many people in carriages and it is very hot in summer.

Travelling by car is also fast. You can stop at any place you like and you need no tickets. The only disadvantage is the high price of petrol.

When you travel on foot the only thing you need is a rucksack but it is tiring.

The voyage by ship is pleasant and you can stand on deck and enjoy fresh air but many people are seasick.

I prefer travelling by car because it is the most enjoyable and safe way of travelling for me. My dad drives the car carefully.