•  Where do you use a computer?

I use a computer at school, at home and at my granny’s. I have got a laptop at home. My granny has got a laptop too. There is a computer in our classroom. It is on our teacher’s desk. We watch different films and presentations especially at the lessons of  “Ukraine and Me”. There are lots of computers in our computer room. I love working on computer but our IT lessons at school are boring.

  • Where in your house or school is the computer?

At home my laptop is in my bedroom. At school the  computers are in the classroom and in the computer room.

  • How often do you use it for?

I use my laptop every day for an hour.

  • What do you do on the computer?

On the computer I play games, do my homework, watch films, send emails and make presentations. I have made three presentations «The fastest car in the world», «The most poisonous snake in the world» and «Domestic Animals».