What will you do during your summer holidays?

I love summer very much because we’ve got the longest holidays. We’ve got our holidays in June, July and August. June is my favourite month because I have my birthday on the seventh of June. And what is more I enjoy eating my favourite fruit, delicious strawberries.


I will do lots of activities during my summer holidays. I will go to the village where we have a small cozy cottage and a beautiful garden. I will help my granny in the garden and about the house. I will spend lots of time outdoors playing with my friends. Sometimes I will get up very early and go fishing with my uncle. He is crazy about fishing. But growing flowers will be a piece of cake for me. I will plant different flowers, weed, water and take care of them.

I will go to the river beach in Kaniv and enjoy swimming, sunbathing and making sandcastles.

Maybe we will visit granny’s native city of Diprodzerhynsk.

I will eat lots of tasty fruit and vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, plums, peaches, gooseberries, watermelons, mulberries and others.

I think I will have amazing summer holidays. But I’m sure I will be happy to meet my friends and teachers in September again.