1. The fame of the Ukrainian classical music rests on such names as M. Lysenko, K. Stetsenko, S. Liudkevych, M. Leontovych, S. Hulak-Artemovskyi and others.

2. Mykola Lysenko is considered to be a composer, a conductor, a teacher.

3. He became the founder of the national musical school.

4. He was born in a well-educated family.

5. His mother was a pianist.

6. It was she who inspired her son’s love to music and taught him to play the piano.

7. When the boy was 10, he was sent to Kyiv where he studied at gymnasia.

8. Later M. Lysenko became a student of Kharkiv University.

9. In a year he moved to Kyiv where he continued his education.

10. Being a student M. Lysenko spent summers in the villages collecting folk songs and legends.

11. He had studied the piano playing and the composition in Germany for 2 years.

12. Rymskyi-Korsakov was his teacher at St. Petersburg conservatoire.

13. M. Lysenko’s heritage is very rich.

14. He gave birth to the Ukrainian opera.

15. He composed such operas as “Christmas Night”, “Marusia Bohuslavka”.

16. “Taras Bulba” is his masterpiece.

17. He is also an author of operas for children: “Pan Kotskyi”, “Koza-Dereza”.

18. He created music to many verses from “Kobzar” by T. Shevchenko including “Testament”.

19. He was a real genius who revealed his talent in many musical genres: the polka, waltz, serenade, and nocturne.