The sky above hung black as ink,
While very low a hint of pink
Began to tint the eastern sky,
To light three crosses standing by.

In heaven, God the Father said,
“My Son has risen from the dead.
He died to pay the price for sin.
I’ve brought Him back to life again.

“So now, My angels, rise and go
To earth so that His friends all know
That Jesus lives. They need not cry.
He lives again, no more to die.”

Like lightning bolts two angels sped
At once to do what God had said,
While joy and praise began to rise
At God’s great Easter Day surprise.

When Mary came out to the tomb,
Her heart felt numb with grief and gloom.
She saw the stone there, rolled away,
And knew that she could not delay.

At once she hurried back to tell
Two other friends, who ran pell-mell
Out of the tomb, themselves to see
Just what this mystery could be.

His tomb stood empty… No, look there –
Two angels sent to show God’s care!
But Mary didn’t even blink.
Her grief had made it hard to think.

Then Jesus spoke a single word –
Just “Mary”, but she knew she’d heard
Her Savior’s voice. It dried her tears
And wiped away her many fears.

She shouted, “Teacher!” Jesus smiled
And said, “It’s true, I’m here, My child.
I died and then I rose again.
Now you are free from death and sin.”

“Go, now! You can believe your eyes.
Go share my Easter Day surprise.
Go, let your Easter laughter ring.
Go, tell My friends. Shout, praise, and sing.”