Form 6  Write a letter to your penpal and introduce yourself and your family.



My name is Diana. I’m eleven. I’ m in the sixth form. I was born in 2005. My birthday is on the 7th of June. I’m average build and average height. I have got long, curly, dark hair and green eyes. I don’t wear glasses but some of my friends do. My friends say that I am hardworking and clever. I’m a good student. I have a lot of friends.

I’m crazy about learning English because English language is like a bridge that connects people and countries. I’m sure it will be useful in my future job. I’m fond of English and American literature and culture. It’s my favorite lesson at school. I also adore playing computer games but I’m not a thumb girl.

I try to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is important to be healthy. I try to eat food from four food groups: fruit and vegetables, bread and cereals, meat and dairy groups.

I think I’m a creative person. I’m fond of poetry and I’m interested in writing rhymes.

My family is not big. We are four in the family: mother, father, my brother and me. All people in my family have got dark hair and green eyes.

My mother’s name is Ira. She is a teacher of Geography, Health and Art. She works in a boarding school. She is industrious and very intelligent. She can write rhymes too. She enjoys singing.

My father’s name is Gena. He is an engineer at Kaniv hydroelectric power station. I’m proud of my father because he is an honoured worker of Ukrainian hydroelectric power engineering. He is strict but fair. He is keen on fishing.

My brother’s name is Gleb. He is a student of the second form. He studies well. He is eight. His favorite lesson is PE. He is good at it. He is into playing football. He is slim and average height. He is easy-going and smart. He is fond of playing computer games. He always goes fishing with father. He is very happy when he catches a bigger fish than father does.

My family is fun-loving. I love my family with all my heart!

What about you? I want to know more about your family.

Write me soon,