Welcome to  the Swallow’s Nest, the symbol of the Crimea’s southern coastline


  • The Swallow’s Nest is a decorative castle located between Yalta and Alupka on the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine.
  • It was built between 1911 and 1912 on top of the 40-metre high Aurora Cliff.
  • It was built by a Russian architect Leonid Sherwood to a Neo-Gothic design.
  • The castle overlooks the Cape of Ai-Todor on the Black Sea
  • The building is compact in size. It is only 20 metres long and 10 metres
  • There is a foyer, a guest room, stairway to the tower, and two bedrooms on two different levels within the tower.
  • The guest room is decorated with wooden panels.
  • An observation deck rings the building, providing a view of the sea.