Speak about one of the shops in your town

The new cosmetics shop `Eva` has recently opened in our town. It is in Heroes of the Dnipro Street. The shop is on the ground floor of a three-storey building. This building is in the square in front of the bus station. There are lots of other shops nearby.

`Eva` is a modern, well-stocked and a well-designed supermarket. It operates on the self-service system. It means you walk round the shop and choose what you want. You can use baskets. At the exit you pay for all your goods at the cashier.

The shop is nice,cosy and convenient. It is not big but with the good selection of cosmetics,toiletries,some accessories and household items. The shop-assistants are friendly, helpful and polite. They consult you and help to choose goods. You can pay by cards or in cash.

They attract customers by a system of discounts and sales. It allows you to save money.


My sister and I have already bought some useful things there: shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, hair slides and a beautiful cup. It was a bargain.

I recommend everyone to visit the shop `Eva` in our town.