Suppose you were Nellie Bly and were going around the world. Write a short article describing an adventure you have had.

Ksenia’s Project

Follow your Dream

I’m Nellie Bly and my dream came true. Isn’t it exciting that I made a seventy-two-day trip around the world?  It sounded impossible at first but I did it.  These days were full of unforgettable and fabulous impressions. I could send articles about my adventures to the newspaper and I hope they were informative, factual and entertaining. The readers could learn about the countries I had visited.

My voyage started in New Jersey. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on board of a steamship and landed in England. I saw huge whales and unusual fish. From England I made my way to France where I had a chance to meet Jules Verne. It was especially pleasant to hear his wish of success. Off I went to Italy by train. After troublesome but fantastic voyages across the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal I sailed in the Red Sea with its beautiful coral reefs and fantastic colourful fish. Then I crossed the Indian Ocean to get to China and Japan. I was happy to know that the readers were looking forward to reading new articles of mine.

The third ocean that I crossed was the Pacific. I boarded the ship in Japan to come to my native land in San Francisco. My heart was filled with joy to meet so many people there. Finally, I had to cross the USA by train. I shared my impressions with hundreds of people during my journey to New Jersey. And finally I was there to prove that nothing was impossible for a willing heart.

Dream and follow your dream. And remember that if you want to achieve something, work hard, be patient and be confident in success.