Form 8  Imagine that you are a reporter who is interviewing the headmaster of your school


H – Head master

R – Reporter

H: Good morning! I’m so glad that you’ve come. Come in, please. Sit down in this armchair.

R: I’m thankful that you have found time to answer my questions. First of all, I’d like to know

how many students study in your school?

H: Our school isn’t big. There are about three hundred students.

R: Are the students supposed to wear a school uniform?

H: Yes, they are. But they are allowed to wear their own clothes as well.

R: What’s against the rules in your school?

H: The schoolchildren aren’t allowed to miss classes, be late for the lessons, use mobile phones at the classes, and be rude and impolite to teachers and other children.

R: What facilities have you got in your school?

H: Our classrooms are well-equipped with computers, TV sets, posters, maps and charts. We’ve got modern Chemistry and Physics labs to do experiments. Out computer room has got twenty modern computers where students can surf the internet. Next year we are going to have a modern gym.

R: Do you offer any after-class activities?

H: Certainly, we do. There are lots of clubs and sport sections, a school choir and an orchestra.

R: Thanks a lot for the information.

H: You are welcome. If you have time I’ll show you our school.

R: With great pleasure.