Read the text about Christmas in the USA

Christmas is a religious holiday.  It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is a happy day. Families come together to share their happiness, attend church, and exchange gifts.

In the days before Christmas, parties are held in schools, offices and clubs; homes and stores are crowded with shoppers.

Cities and towns in the United States sparkle with bright lights and decorations.  Churches, homes, schools, shops, and streets are decorated with Christmas trees, colored lights, Santa Claus and his reindeer, and nativity scenes showing the stable where Jesus Christ was born.  Store windows display gifts and Christmas scenes. The traditional colors for this holiday are red and green, and the red poinsettia considered the Christmas flower.

On Christmas Eve, the President of the United States turns on the lights of the Christmas tree near the White House and sends his greetings to the nation.

Families prepare for this holiday weeks before.  They make special foods.  They make and buy gifts.  They wrap them with bright paper and ribbons.  They choose a tree and decorate it with ornaments and lights.  Houses are decorated with wreaths of holly, evergreens, and mistletoe.  Many families share memories by following special ethnic Christmas traditions from their country of origin.

Christmas cards are sent to friends and relatives.  On Christmas Eve, many read the famous poem “A Visit from Saint Nicolas”, by Clement Moore.

Children hang up stockings to receive gifts from Santa Claus.

Schools usually have two weeks of vacation, and some families take vacations together.

People wish each other a “Merry Christmas” during this holiday season.  In many states people look forward to snow (White Christmas).

Christmas carols are sung on the radio and in public places during the season.  Some of the most famous carols are “Silent Night“, “The First Noel”, “Joy to the World”, and “Jingle Bells”.

There are many shows on television called “Christmas Specials”.  Films like “A Christmas Carol” (Charles Dickens) and “Miracle on 34th Street” are family favorites.

Churches, organizations, and newspapers ask for donations of money and food for the needy.  Volunteers from the Salvation Army stand outside stores collecting money for the needy.  Hot meals are prepared and served to the poor and homeless.

Toys and games are given to children at Christmas parties by somebody dressed as Santa Claus.

Do these exercises to the text

Match words or phrases with similar meanings

1. stable  a. a show, a presentation
2. to share  b. to give and receive something
3. to sparkle  c. a gift, an offering
4. donation  d. somebody or something liked very much, more than others
5. to exchange  e. a building for horses and cattle
6. ornaments  f. to use or enjoy something with other people
7. crowded  g. to shine, to be brilliant
8. volunteer  h. a person who offers to help
9. display  i. anything used to adorn, to decorate
10.favorite  j. filled with people

Circle the word that best completes the sentence

  1. The movie “Miracle on 34th Street” is a family (favorite, celebration, donation) during this holiday.
  2. During Christmas the stores and the streets (display, sparkle,  crowd) with lights.
  3. It is traditional to buy and (celebrate, volunteer, exchange) gifts with friends and family.
  4. According to the Bible, Jesus was born in a (nativity, stable, display).
  5. Christmas is a time to (receive, donate, share) the good things you have with others.
  6. Many organizations collect (displays, donations, ornaments) for the needy.
  7. The stores are so (sparkling, favorite, crowded) during Christmas that it is hard to go shopping.
  8. People stop in front of the stores to see the (displays, stables, sparkle) specially prepared for Christmas.
  9. Christmas trees are decorated with lights and other (sparkles, displays, ornaments).
  10. Many (crowds, needy, volunteers) stand in the street collecting money for the poor.

Complete each sentence.

  1. The boy gave a piece of his sandwich to his friend.  He _________ the  sandwich.
  2. The stars were shining in the sky at night.  The stars  _________.
  3. The merchant gave $500 to the Salvation Army.  He _________ed a large amount of money.
  4. The supermarket was full of people; it was hard to go inside.  The store was _________ .
  5. Manuel liked chocolate cake more than all other cakes.  It was his _________ .
  6. The family hung all the Christmas cards they received on the window so everybody could see them.  The family _________the cards.
  7. The children bought little toys, bells, and lights to decorate the Christmas tree.  The children bought _________ .
  8. Many people like to collect money for the needy.  They offer to help during Christmas.  They are _________ .
  9. Horses eat and sleep in special buildings for animals.  They eat in the _________ .
  10. During Christmas, people give gifts, and they receive gifts also. They _________ gifts.

Complete the sentences.

  1. In a small store, it is difficult to have everything on _________ so people can see it.
  2. At night all the animals are brought into the _________ .
  3. The skirt was small, so the woman went to the store to _________ it for another one.
  4. It is better to go to the bank in the morning because at lunch time it is too _________ and you have to wait too long.
  5. Edward gave Mary red roses for her birthday because they were her _________.
  6. Everybody at the picnic put the food on a big table to _________ it with the others.
  7. The house was _________because all the lights were on for the party.
  8. The sign said, ” _________ for the needy will be gratefully  accepted”.
  9. The father went to buy the _________ to decorate the house for the birthday party.
  10. There are many _________ helping to collect money for charity.

Ask the questions about each sentence.

The horses are put in the stable at night so they will be safe.

a. Where ________________________________________________________________?

b. Why _________________________________________________________________ ?

c. When _________________________________________________________________ ?

During the Christmas holiday, the streets are crowded with people  shopping and looking at the stores’ displays.

a. When _________________________________________________________________ ?

b. Who _________________________________________________________________?

c. Whose _________________________________________________________________?

People celebrate Christmas by going to church and getting together with relatives and friends to exchange cards and gifts.

a. How _________________________________________________________________?

b. Why _________________________________________________________________?

c. Who ______________________________________________________________ with?

d. What _________________________________________________________________ ?

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