teacher3Please, tick the item that reflects your thinking.

  • What is the essence of education?
    Reason and intuition
    Knowledge and skills
  • What is the nature of the learner?
    The learner is an experiencing organism.
    The learner is unique, free, and responsible.
    The learner is rational and intuitive being.
    The learner is a storehouse for knowledge and skills.
  • What should be the environment of education?
    The environment should one where the student adjusts to the material and social world, as it really exists.
    The environment should be life itself, where students can experience “living” not prepare for it.
    The environment should be one that encourages the growth of free, creative individuality, not adjustment to group thinking nor the public norms.
    Education is not a true replica of life; rather it is an artificial environment where the child should be developing intellectual potential and preparing for the future.
  • What should be the goal of education?
    Growth through the reconstruction of experience.
    Absolute, universal, unchanging truth.
    A framework of knowledge and skills for the student.
    The development of knowledge and skills for the student.
  • What should be the atmosphere of the classroom?
    Cooperation among students.
    Competition between students.
    Individual achievement.
  • What should be the role of the teacher?
    The teacher should discipline the students intellectually through a study of the great works in literature where universal concerns have best been expressed.
    The teacher should present principles and values and the reasons for them, encouraging students to examine them in order to choose for themselves whether or not to accept them.
    The teacher should guide and advise students since the children’s own interest should determine what they learn, not authority nor the subject matter of the textbook.
    The teacher, the responsible authority, should mediate between the adult world and the world of the child since students cannot understand by themselves.