familyI’m happy to have a friendly family where we understand each other and come to help without any extra word. We are four in our family: my parents, my younger sister and me.

My father is a tall, broad-shouldered man of 37. His hair is curly, but Dad has it cut very short.

My Daddy works as a general practitioner. He is respected both with his patients and colleagues, and people often say that he is a doctor by vocation. My father is rather strict, but fair and I always consider his opinion.

My Mom is a young looking woman of 35 with short brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Being sociable and cheerful my Mom is a very good company and she has a lot of friends. People often ask her for help or advice and she never refuses.

In spite of her hard work – Mom is an accountant – she finds time to do most of the housework: cooking, cleaning and washing. However, shopping and washing up is a duty of mine and my sister, and Dad usually does the vacuum cleaning on Sundays.

My sister is 4 years my senior. She is a student. She studies at the Medical Academy. She wants to be a doctor, like our Dad. My sister is a girl of purpose, and I believe she will become a good specialist.

On weekdays we all are usually very busy with work and studying. However in the evening we sometimes like to gather together, watch TV and discuss the latest events of the day. And in such moments I feel happy that these smart, witty, kind people are my family.


general practitioner – терапевт

accountant – бухгалтер

girl of purpose – цілеспрямована дівчина

consider one’s opinion – прислухатися до когось