Develop your reading, writing and speaking skills

Do Test 1 Year 5  Level A1+

Test 1 Year 5 is for the students of the fifth grade to check themselves.


Task 1. Read the text and put the sentences in the correct order.

My name is Jane and my hobby is painting. I like to paint animals and flowers, but I’m not good at painting people. Most of all I enjoy painting the places I visit. My parents and I often go for excursions to other towns and visit different famous places. My parents use a camera to take photos but I think that to have a picture which you have painted yourself is more interesting. When I come home after each excursion, I bring my pictures to school to show them to the classmates and the teachers. Everybody likes them and they say I’ll become a famous artist in the future. Last year I took part in the competition of young painters of out\r town and won it. My parents were proud of me and my teacher of Art presented me with wonderful paints.

___ a. When Jane returns home, she brings her pictures to school.
___ b. Jane’s hobby is painting.
___ c. Last year Jane won the Art competition.
___ d. She likes to paint the places she visits.

Task 2. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.

1. Jane can’t paint ___________ very well.

a. animals
b. flowers
c. people
d. different places

2. Jane and her parents often visit ___________ .

a. the countryside
b. other towns
c. other countries
d. other people

3. Teachers and classmates like Jane’s ___________ .

a. photos
b. places of interest
c. paints
d. paintings

4. When Jane won the competition, she got a present from ___________ .

a. her classmates
b. her parents
c. her teacher
d. her friends

Task 3. Write short answers to the questions.

  1. What does Jane like to paint most of all?
  2. What do Jane’s parents use to take pictures?
  3. Why does Jane bring her pictures to school after her trips?
  4. What did the Art teacher give Jane as a present?


Task 1. Complete the sentences with the words: carpet    canteen     curly     wash

1. My friend has got long _____________ hair.
2. You should ___________ your hands before the meals.
3. You can have lunch in the school ______________.
4. When Tom vacuumed the ___________, Nelly washed the dishes.

Task 2. Choose the correct form of the verbs to complete the sentences.

1. Ron ___________ his car an hour ago.
a. washed
b. has washed
c. washes
d. is washing

2. Children ___________ football in the yard now.
a. play
b. are playing
c. will play
d. have played

3. We usually ___________ to the swimming pool three times a week.
a. goes
b. go
c. are going
d. have gone

4. Jane ___________ her room yet.
a. hasn’t cleaned
b. doesn’t clean
c. are cleaning
d. didn’t clean

Task 3. Write a letter to your pen friend. Use the plan below:

  • your name and age;
  • the place where you live;
  • what you look like;
  • your hobby.


  • Look at the picture.
  • Say what room it is and describe it.
  • Say what people are doing in the room.
  • Tell about your household chores.

I hope it wasn’t difficult to do the tasks of Test 1 Year 5. What task of Test 2 Year 5 was the most difficult for you / the easiest / the most interesting?