What Are Your Family Traditions?

Level A1+/A2

Read and speak about your family and your family traditions.

1.Family traditions are things members of the family love doing together.

2.You keep family traditions if you:

have dinner together
celebrate birthdays and holidays
prepare presents for each other
go on picnics
organize games, competitions and interesting activities
spend free time together
go for a walk together
play sports
travel together
spend summer holidays together
go camping
go to the river and to the forest together

3. It is important to have family traditions.

4. Keeping family traditions with great honour helps a family be a unit, a little world created by love.

5. A family is a little world created by love if people are kind to each other, respect each other, share their household chores, spend much time together, meet for holiday celebrations, keep the family traditions with great honour, love each other, try not to argue, help and support each other.

Vocabulary Box

keep traditions – зберігати традиції
with great honour – з великою шаною
a little world created by love – маленький світ, створений любов’ю
be kind to each other – бути добрими один до одного
respect – поважати
share household chores – ділити домашні справи
try not to argue – намагатися не сперечатися
support – підтримувати