1. March, April and May are spring months.
  2. In spring the days become longer and nights shorter.
  3. In March it sometimes snows.
  4. The sun shines warm.
  5. Bright spring sun rays begin to melt snow in the fields and in the streets and icy sheet on the rivers and lakes.
  6. The trees begin to bud and soon tiny green leaves begin to appear.
  7. It is so pleasant to see snowdrops in the woods and to enjoy the fresh breath of the new season.
  8. Nature awakens.
  9. Birds come back from the south.
  10. They build their nests.
  11. Then they feed their little babies.
  12. The nightingales start to sing their beautiful melodies.
  13. In April and May the weather is warm and sunny.
  14. People do not wear warm clothes; they wear raincoats, light jackets or only suits, jeans and pullovers.
  15. The fruit trees start blossoming and everything around looks festive in white and pink garments.
  16. New green grass covers the ground and all parks and gardens look so pretty.
  17. April and May rains wash the earth and everything looks so bright.
  18. People say that April showers bring May flowers.
  19. There are so many of them in the fields, parks, gardens and in the streets.
  20. Daffodils, tulips, dandelions and other spring flowers look amazing.
  21. The farmers begin to sow the fields.
  22. The proverb says: “As you sow, you shall mow”.
  23. People work in the gardens and plant trees, bushes, vegetables and flowers.
  24. In spring we celebrate Easter and Mother’s Day.
  25. I like spring very much because it is a very beautiful season, the season of hope and happiness.


icy sheet – льодяне простирадло

to bud – набухати (про бруньки)

tiny – крихітний

appear – з’являтися

pleasant – приємний

snowdrops – підсніжники

fresh breath – свіжий подих

nature awakens – природа прокидається

nightingale – соловей

garment – убрання, одяг

shower – злива

daffodil – нарцис

dandelion – кульбаба

to sow – сіяти

hope – надія