How is Easter celebrated in Ukraine?

Easter is one of the most beloved holidays in Ukraine. Easter traditions in Ukraine are interesting and rich.

Level A1 / A2

Word List

  • feast – святкування, банкет
  • Jesus Christ – Ісус Христос
  • resurrection – воскресіння
  • according to – відповідно до
  • full Moon – повний місяць
  • Pure Week – Чистий тиждень
  • Willow Sunday – Вербна неділя
  • pussy-willow branches – гілочки верби
  • are blessed – освячуються
  • tap one another – стукати один одного
  • repeating the wish – повторюючи бажання
  • the Earth – Земля
  • provisions – продукти харчування
  • Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! – Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!
  • joy and gladness – радість і веселість
  • national – державний

Read about Easter Traditions in Ukraine

  1. Easter is the feast of Christ resurrection.
  2. It is celebrated according to the Moon calendar on the first Sunday after the full Moon.
  3. It is on Sunday between the 4th of April and the 8th of May.
  4. Easter traditions in Ukraine are very rich.
  5. The week before Easter is called the Great, the White or Pure Week.
  6. The last Sunday before Easter is called Willow Sunday.
  7. On this day pussy-willow branches are blessed in the church.
  8. The people tap one another with these branches repeating the wish: “Be as tall as the willow, as healthy as the water and as rich as the Earth. Not I am tapping, the willow is tapping. Easter is in a week!”
  9. The traditional Easter breads (the pasky), coloured Easter eggs (pysanky and krashanky) and other provisions are blessed in the church on Easter.
  10. People say, “Christ is risen!” and answer, “He is risen indeed!”
  11. Easter is a feast of joy and gladness.
  12. Easter is a national holiday in Ukraine.

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