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17 03, 2019

Legends and Symbols of Ireland

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Ireland Ireland has two main parts: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The north, also known as Ulster, is part of the United Kingdom (so its currency is the pound) and its capital is Belfast. However, the republic (or Eire) is independent, and its capital is Dublin. Therefore, its currency is not the pound,

16 03, 2019

Food and Drink in Britain

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Let's learn about food and drink in Britain Although Britain is quite a small country, it offers a wide choice of food and drink. Food and drink in Britain is vaious. You can find  traditional food like roast beef or fish and chips as well as Italian, Mexican and West Indian food, and drink beers

15 03, 2019

Northern Ireland (Ulster)

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Ireland is the second largest part of the British Isles lying in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Great Britain. The island of Ireland is politically divided into two parts: Northern Ireland (Ulster), which forms part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, capital Belfast, and the Republic of Ireland - a separate

14 03, 2019

English Traditions: Weekends, Meals

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English Traditions Traditions in England have been around for centuries. British traditions are famous worldwide. When one thinks of Britain, you imagine people drinking tea, wearing bowler hats and gorging on fish and chips. Sports, food and music, are tightly knit traditions in Britain. If you arrive in Great Britain you'll hear the word "tradition" everywhere.

13 03, 2019

Birmingham, Britain’s Second Largest City

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Birmingham Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, is situated right in the heart of England. Friendly, bustling and thriving, Birmingham is one of the most visited cities. People from Birmingham are called Brummies, a term derived from the city's nickname of "Brum", which originates from the city's old name, Brummagem, which in turn is thought to

13 03, 2019

Coventry, Home to Rich History

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Set in the very heart of England, Coventry, home to rich history and legends, has a population of over 320,000 and is surrounded by the beautiful Warwickshire countryside and its historic towns. The city is proud to have led the way in pioneering world-first industry and innovation, from watchmaking to bikes, cars and aero engines, with more and more firms

12 03, 2019

Samuel Watson, King of the Watchmakers

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Reading Comprehension Level A2 Samuel Watson (1635 - 1710) Samuel Watson, was a horologist (clock and watch maker) who invented the 5 minute repeater, and made the first stopwatch. He made a clock for King Charles II and was an associate of Isaac Newton. Before reading make sure you know the following words: Coventry - Ковентрі reliability - надійність by

27 02, 2019

The Thames, England’s River

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Read and speak about the Thames, the life-blood of England The Thames is not only London’s river. It is England’s river, for it winds its way through two hundred and fifty miles of English villages and towns, of English cities and English country-side. It is a river where swans build their nests, and punters go

18 02, 2019

Stonehenge, the Mysterious Stone Circle

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Let's Visit Stonehenge, the Mysterious Stone Circle Speaking You are attending a language school in Britain and you are planning a class trip. Your teacher wants to go to the National Gallery in London, but you think it is boring. Persuade your teacher to visit Stonehenge. Maxim's Project I'm sure it's very educational to see

3 02, 2019


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Eton, the Most Famous Public School in the World Eton College, or just Eton, is a British independent school for boys founded by King Henry VI in 1440 as a charity school to provide free education to 70 poor boys who would then go on to King's College, Cambridge, founded by the same King in 1441. The original