16 04, 2019

Reading Test 2 Year 8

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Do Reading Test 2 Year 8 to develop your reading skills. Task 1. Read the text Sometimes regarded as the German J. K. Rowling, Cornelia Funke finished the University of Hamburg and after graduation studied book illustration at a design college. She began a career as a book illustrator and game designer, but lost interest

13 04, 2019

Reading Test 1 Year 8

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Do Reading Test 1 Year 8 to develop your reading skills. Task 1. Read the text Elizabeth Goudge was born in the cathedral city of Wells. Elizabeth was educated at Grassendale School, Southbourne, and at the art school at University College Reading, then at a college of Christ Church. She went on to teach design

28 02, 2019

Mark Twain, American Writer and Humorist

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Mark Twain Read and speak about Mark Twain, American writer and humorist Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, is one of America's most famous authors. His stories and novels are famous for their humor, vivid details, and memorable characters. His best-known works are The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, both classics

28 02, 2019

‘Luck’ by Mark Twain, Adapted Part

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Read an adapted part of the story "Luck" written by Mark Twain Level A2 ''Luck'' is a short story written by Mark Twain in 1886 and published in Harper's Magazine in 1891. As you might guess, it's all about luck. 'Luck' by Mark Twain, adapted part About forty years ago, I was an instructor in the military academy

22 02, 2019

Lesia Ukrainka

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Read and speak about Lesia Ukrainka Lesia Ukrainka is one of Ukrainian literature's foremost writers, best known for her poems and plays. She also was an active political, civil and feminist acitivist. Lesia Ukrainka was born on 25 February 1871 in Novohrad-Volynsky, and was the second child in the family. Her father, Petro Antonovych Kosach,

8 02, 2019

Books and Reading

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Speak About Books and Reading Contemporary life is impossible without books and reading. The influence of literature on people's mind is great. Regular reading enriches your knowledge of the world and helps to form your personality. If a book appeals to you, it arouses lots of feelings and emotions in your heart. If you take

3 02, 2019

Alan Alexander Milne

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Alan Alexander Milne, an English Writer The English writer A.A. Milne is best known for his children's stories about the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh. Alan Alexander Milne was born in London in 1882. At the age of 11 he won a scholarship to the Westminster School. Then he went to Cambridge University and became an editor

31 01, 2019

The Canterbury Tales: Three Young Men, Death and a Bag of Gold

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THE  CANTERBURY  TALES It was a long time ago in the 14th century. One fine April evening some people met at an inn in London. These people wanted to go to the town of Canterbury. It was a long journey. To make it shorter and more interesting they thought of telling stories on their way.

31 01, 2019

Jane Austen, a British Writer

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Jane Austen is most famous for the books Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen (1775–1817) is one of the most recognised names in English literature. Her six major novels – Pride and Prejudice; Sense and Sensibility; Persuasion; Mansfield Park; Northanger Abbey and Emma – are considered classics today, renowned for their portrayal of English middle-class life in the early 19th

29 01, 2019

Geoffrey Chaucer and “The Canterbury Tales”

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Geoffrey Chaucer, the True Founder of English Literature Geoffrey Chaucer (1340 - 1400) was the greatest English writer of the 14th century. He was born in London, in the family of a wine merchant. His father had connections with the court and hoped for a courtier's career for his son, and at 17 Geoffrey became