10 05, 2019

Informal Letter My Stay in the USA

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Writing Have practice in writing an informal letter My Stay in the USA  You are a teacher of English takin a course in American Studies in Boulder, Colorado. You have decided to write a letter to your friend Vlasta about your stay in the USA. Write about: campus facilities new friends and teachers; atmosphere preparations

20 03, 2019

Writing a Semi-Formal Letter

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Have practice in writing a semi-formal letter. You have just returned from Britain where you attended lessons at Summerhill Language School. The school arranged for you to stay with a local couple you hadn't met before your visit. Write a letter to your host family. First thank them for having hosted you and describe what

4 02, 2019

Informal Letter: My Friends’ Visit

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Have practice in writing an informal letter. Your friends from another town came to visit you. At the same time one of your classmates invites you to have a rest with her and her parents in the cottage in the country. Write her a letter and: explain the situation of your rejection to go with

15 01, 2019

Informal Letter: Impressions of Reading an English Book

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Have Practice in Writing an Informal Letter Write a letter to your friend about the impressions of reading an English book. Write who the author of this book was what the name of this book was whether the book had any illustrations why you liked this book. Dear Max, I'm sorry I haven't written you

5 01, 2019

My Trip to Great Britain

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Have practice in writing an informal letter. Write a letter to your Ukrainian friend about your trip to Great Britain and explain: what means of transport to Great Britain you chose; what the purpose of your journey was; your impressions of the visit. Dear Vova, Thanks for your letter, it was a nice surprise for

25 11, 2018

My Opinion about Advertising

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Writing: Write your opinion about advertising Adverts are everywhere. There are hoardings in the streets, leaftles in your letter box, jingles on the radio, commercials on the TV, brochures in shops, glossy ads in magazines, personal ads in newspapers, handwritten ads on the supermarket wall and famous faces on the sides of buses. Advertising is

20 11, 2018

A Short Report about the Protection of Nature

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Writing You are going to take part in the international conference. Write a report about the protection of nature in your country where you will: express the organizing committee your gratitude for the invitation inform about the problems of air, land and water pollution in Ukraine inform about the measures to ensure pure air, oceans

9 10, 2018

My Pet

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I love animals very much. I have an unusual pet at home. It is a giant African snail. His name is Christopher and he is five years old. My mother was presented with it at work. He is as large as a fist. The native home of the giant African land snails is East Africa. They

19 07, 2018

Welcome to My Hometown

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Informal Letter  Level B1 Do this task in writing A new pupil has come to your school. He doesn't know anything about the life in your town. Write him a memo with some pieces of advice: what type of transport is the most convenient in your town; how to spend leisure time; how to do

17 07, 2018

English Language Course Informal Letter

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A  Letter to a Friend You have just returned from the first lesson of English language course in London. Write a letter to your Ukrainian friend about this lesson where you will: inform about the topic of the lesson; describe your first impression concerning the group and the groupmates; describe your English teacher and the