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Interesting Facts About Groundhogs

Groundhog Facts They may live in the ground, but they’re certainly not hogs. They’re rodents. Members of a class of ground squirrels called marmots (Marmota Monax), and the largest members of the squirrel family. They are giant squirrels. Groundhogs are also known as whistle pigs (because they alert their colonies to threats by whistling), land beavers (because look like beavers), mouse

British Weather

One of Britain's favourite topics of conversation is the weather. English weather is talked about by the English a lot. Talking about the weather accounts for more casual conversations than any other topic, and there is no other way to ‘break the ice’ than mentioning something about the forecast! It can change at any moment. The English have to put

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Fun Facts About Tulips

Tulips Signal Spring Arrival Here you may find lots of fun facts about tulips. Tulips can be divided into about 150 various species, but there are more than 3,000 naturally occurring and genetically cultivated varieties of the flower worldwide. The word tulip is derived from a Persian word called delband, which means turban. It is generally believed that it was called this

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