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Shapes Word List

Let's learn shapes! Shapes Word List circle - коло semicircle - півколо ellipse - еліпс oval - овал heart - серце crescent - півмісяць; рогалик triangle - трикутник square / quadrate - квадрат rectangle -

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House Prepositions of Place

Let's learn to describe a room / flat / house Remember the words House Prepositions of Place bedroom - спальня living-room - вітальня kitchen - кухня dining-room - їдальня bathroom - ванна кімната toilet - туалет curtain - занавіска

Typical English Homes

Elementary School Year 4 Speaking Speak about typical English homes. I'd like to tell you about typical English homes. Some English families live in flats, but lots of people have got their own houses. There

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Interesting Facts about Animals

Elementary School Year 4 Student's Project My name is Gleb and I love animals. I'd like to share with you some interesting facts about animals. A chameleon is the most interesting lizard in the world.

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Months and Seasons for Beginners

Let's learn the names of the months and the seasons Elementary School Task 1. Онуки (Months) дідка (year) вийшли гуляти й розбіглися. Мами (Seasons) шукають їх. Допоможіть порам року знайти місяці. Випишіть їх у правильному

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Reading Comprehension for Elementary School

Elementary School. Reading Comprehension Task 1. Read the text, choose correct answers and circle the letter that corresponds to this corect answer. What Colour Is an Orange? What colour is an orange? Is it orange?

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Doing Household Chores

What's your attitude to household chores? Doing household chores is a necessary part of our life. Everybody is happy when their home is bright and clean. We split the chores and each member of our

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Speak About Meals

Elementary School, Year 3. Let's speak about meals. Vocabulary eat - їсти What are you eating? drink - пити She is drinking water. cook - готувати їжу My mum cooks in the kitchen. а cook - кухар What is

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