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Describe a cartoon character. I'd like to tell you about my favourite cartoon character. It is a girl. Her name is Cinderella. She lives in the country with her father, stepmother and two ugly and

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Birthday Parties

Speak about birthday parties. Elementary School A birthday is a special day for a person. It is a personal holiday, but people like to be with their friends and their family on this day. That’s

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The Squirrel

Read the text about the squirrels and do the tasks. The Squirrel When you walk in a forest, look at the trees. You can see a squirrel in the tree. The squirrel makes home in

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My Working Day Year 3

Let's learn to speak about daily routine. Learn to ask and to tell about the time. Have practice in using modal verbs can, could, must, may. Speak about working day  I wake up at 7

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Beginners: Speak About Yourself

Year 1. Speak about yourself My name is … My family name is … I am … (5, 6). I have blue eyes, blonde hair, small ears, a small nose and a small mouth. I

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Fly High 3 I’m Cooking

This presentation will help you learn the vocabulary of Lesson 9 of your Fly High 3 course. Learn to use the Present Continuous Tense speaking about actions happening at the moment. Vocabulary List learn - вчити,

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Whose Is This? Year 1 Possessive Case

Let's learn how to say whose these things are. Read Whose is this? – This is Tico’s T-shirt. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Maccaroni’s car. Whose is this? – This is Mrs. Green’s

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What Do You Have? Year 1 – 3

Dear kids, let's learn to speak about things you have. If you want to say what toys you have, start your sentences with I have ... . Use I have describing your appearance as well

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