23 03, 2019

Traditional British Meals

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Read about traditional British meals English Breakfast In the morning an Englishman has his favourite breakfast of cornflakes with milk and sugar or porridge followed by fried bacon and eggs. Breakfast is generally a bigger meal than they have on the Continent. Some marmalade might be spread on the toast and butter. Perhaps some fruit

16 03, 2019

Food and Drink in Britain

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Let's learn about food and drink in Britain Although Britain is quite a small country, it offers a wide choice of food and drink. Food and drink in Britain is vaious. You can find  traditional food like roast beef or fish and chips as well as Italian, Mexican and West Indian food, and drink beers

14 03, 2019

English Traditions: Weekends, Meals

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English Traditions Traditions in England have been around for centuries. British traditions are famous worldwide. When one thinks of Britain, you imagine people drinking tea, wearing bowler hats and gorging on fish and chips. Sports, food and music, are tightly knit traditions in Britain. If you arrive in Great Britain you'll hear the word "tradition" everywhere.

5 02, 2019

Healthy Food

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Read the article about healthy food and answer the questions below. It is important to eat food that is good for you. You need seven things in your food. Cabohydrates give you energy. Potatoes and bread are rich in carbohydrates and so are sugar, pasta and rice. You also need protein and fats. They give

23 01, 2019

Traditional Egyptian Dishes

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Are you going to visit Egypt? There are some traditional Egyptian dishes you need to try. Liza has been to Egypt and had a great time there. She tried some dishes of Egyptian cuisine. She thinks that Egyptian national dishes are unique and delicious. If you are going to visit Egypt, this information will be

13 01, 2019

Genetically Modified Food

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What do you think of GM food? What is GMO or GM food? Genetically modified foods (GMOs or GM fo short) are foods that have had their DNA changed through genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the process of manipulating an organism's genes directly — by transplanting DNA from other organisms. Genetic engineering allows genetic material to

9 12, 2018

Bakery, Dairy and Confectionery Goods

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Would you like to know the names of bakery goods, dairy products and confectionery in English? Vocabulary List Bakery Goods and Confectionery brown bread -чорний хліб white bread - білий хліб loaf (loaves) - хлібина long loaf, French loaf, baguette - батон round loaf - круглий хліб roll -  булочка flour -  мука yeast -  дріжджі dough - тісто paste - сдобне тісто

7 12, 2018

At a Restaurant. Cooking Meals

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You'll need these phrases at a restaurant and when cooking meals at home. Today we are having a dinner of four courses. Menu, please. Where can I get a quick snack? Where can I get an inexpensive meal? Where can I get a drink of water? I am not ready to order yet. I would

5 12, 2018

My Favourite Salad

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Share the recipe of your favourite dish, will you? Hi, I'm Ruslana and I'd like to share the recipe of my favourite dish with you. It's easy to cook.

5 12, 2018

Roasted Mackerel

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Write the recipe of your favourite dish, will you? I’d like to share the recipe of my favourite dish. It is roast mackerel. When mum cooks it in the oven, it smells so delicious in the kitchen. Ingredients 1 or 2 mackerel different kinds of pepper for seasoning a lemon some salt Instructions Slice the