6 06, 2019

Reading Test 5 Year 8

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Do Reading Test 5 Year 8 to develop your reading skills. Task 1. Read the text. Philip Pullman was born in England in 1946. He travelled a lot in his childhood visiting many countries of the world. Philip Pullman has become well­known for the «His Dark Materials» series, fantasy novels telling the story of Lyra Belacque,

5 06, 2019

Reading Test 5 Year 7

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Do Reading Test 5 Year 7 to develop your reading skills. Read the text. For questions (1—6) choose and circle the correct answer (a, b, cor d). Once there was an elf named Frez. He got so nervous during Christmas time that he could eat two lunches at the elf cafeteria at once. He tried

5 06, 2019

Reading and Writing Test 5 Year 6

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Test 5 For students of the sixth grade: do Reading and Writing Test 5 Year 6 to develop your reading and writing skills. Reading One day a boy of about thirteen came to the gardener’s place as he wanted to buy one of the large ripe watermelons growing in the gardener’s watermelon plot. The problem was that

5 06, 2019

Shapes Word List

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Let's learn shapes! Shapes Word List circle - коло semicircle - півколо ellipse - еліпс oval - овал heart - серце crescent - півмісяць; рогалик triangle - трикутник square / quadrate - квадрат rectangle - прямокутник rhombus - ромб diamond - ромб; діамант parallelogram - паралелограм trapezoid - трапеція trapezium - трапеція pentagon - п'ятикутник

1 06, 2019

House Prepositions of Place

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Let's learn to describe a room / flat / house Remember the words House Prepositions of Place bedroom - спальня living-room - вітальня kitchen - кухня dining-room - їдальня bathroom - ванна кімната toilet - туалет curtain - занавіска vase - ваза chair - стілець bookshelf - книжкова полиця sofa - диван plant - рослина armchair - крісло calendar

31 05, 2019

Present Perfect Continuous

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Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect Progressive Present Perfect Continuous is used: to indicate the duration of an activity that began in the past and continues to the present: I have been sitting here since seven o’clock. You have been studying for five straight hours. It has been snowing all day. The boys have been

31 05, 2019

Reading Test 4 Year 8

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Do Reading Test 4 Year 8 to develop your reading skills. Task 1. Read the text. Christopher Paolini was born on 17 November 1983 in Southern California. He has lived most of his life in Paradise Valley, Montana, with his parents and younger sister, Angela. The tall, jagged Beartooth Mountains rise on one side of Paradise

24 05, 2019

USA Geography Briefly

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The  United  States  of  America Speak about the USA geography briefly. The USA is the richest and one of the most developed countries  in the world. The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. In the north the US is bordered by Canada, and in the south it borders on

23 05, 2019

Disco Music

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Music Jenre Hi, I'm Aniuta. Would you like to know about the disco music? Disco music is a style of pop music that was most popular from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s. People usually dance to disco music at bars called disco clubs. The word "disco" is also used to refer to the style

22 05, 2019

How Kyiv Was Founded

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Let's Read a Legend about Kyiv The town was first raised on the high hill near the River Dnieper fifteen hundred years ago by the Polyane, and after a few centuries it grew into the grandiose capital of the Old Rus state. Read the legend to get to know how Kyiv was founded. Once there